Tax risk management is no fun. But somebody has to do it.

Hello, my name is Ana Sainz and my goal is to simplify tax risk for corporations like yours. If you are looking for help with tax risk management, then 15 years of experience will come in handy.

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What Does Managing Your Tax Risk Feel Like?

A simple guide, about a complex topic.

A few pages that describe our time tested approach to tax risk management.

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Case Studies

How we helped our clients


Broad spectrum tax knowledge on a part-time basis.


Our client a well-established private equity firm had diverse requests of a tax person: able to competently review steps/acquisition memos for issues, track investment costs, respond to tax authority queries, provide in-house professional development tax hours, manage and review annual tax filings for over 80 legal entities. Luckily for them – we have just such experienced staff – no training juniors on our watch! This arrangement lasted over ten years.


Client had 6 acquisition deals in 2 years, exposing it to compliance risk.


Reading the steps/acquisition memos and due diligence reports, we built a comprehensive database of companies owned including tracing all predecessor companies. All the tax returns, notices of (re)assessment were stored in one central network location for future reference and the information entered into our “Open Years” report. We then analysed the entities acquired to determine what on-going tax compliance would be required by the client.

ico Did you know?
In 1705, Peter the Great placed a tax on beards to force men to adopt the clean-shaven look common in Western Europe.

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