Tax Blocks

There are 4 core areas that contain both risks and controls for a strong, effective and efficient tax group.

Tax Compliance

We assist you in identifying tax filing requirements for your business including specific forms required for each entity, filing jurisdictions, and filing deadlines. We will document who, what and when for each requirement leaving you a dashboard for monitoring the process.

We set up a standardized tax package that needs to be populated each year to be used internally or for your external preparation team. We can also prepare or review your tax filings (yes – we even like doing tax returns, crazy huh?).

Tax Accounting

We will lead you through the chaos of financial statement disclosure for tax. We will build the calculations that underpin your financial statement figures, assess your financial statement note disclosure and develop documentation for your financial auditors.

We custom build dream provision templates in a multi-layered spreadsheet format to minimizes manual errors while keeping flexibility and lowering staff learning curve.

We love drafting the tax note for financial statements. Really, we do.

Tax Resources

We help you find and fill the gaps in your tax resourcing by challenging you to objectively review your people, processes and how they are motivated.

We will help you tease out the known and unknown gaps in knowledge and experience in your department. We will help you create a plan to develop your people into better resources and link this plan to a performance measurement matrix.

We will help write out job descriptions and develop procedure manuals. We will support you in closing the gaps with in-house training geared to your specific issues.

Tax Governance

We lead you through the best practices of tax risk governance by aligning your tax risk strategy to the overall corporate vision and risk appetite.

We assist you in establishing mandates, policies, and board reporting packages, as well as internal control design and testing.

Although we describe them as blocks, we understand they underpin each other: without proper resourcing the timeliness of your compliance may be at risk, or worse your accounting reports may be lacking in accuracy and robustness, your management and board reporting may lack the directness and correct level of detail.

We can assist you in building a stronger tax group. Experienced in compliance, tax accounting, board reporting and delivering in-house training we are your solution.

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