About Ana

How does one get to be a tax geek?


Invest over a decade with clients making sure their tax processes and departments run smoothly.


Work on loads of M&A. Plus, prepare and review lots and lots (and lots and lots) of
tax returns.


Be cost-effective while integrating accounting, compliance, governance and resources.

My Story

I was a small-town kid with big city hopes landing in Toronto after university. Articling at CA firm, I worked in the “small business group” which meant I was exposed to many kinds of businesses – chemical producers, horse farms, magazines, TV stations, health care providers… and the list goes on. And although I can’t remember the ins and out of every industry now, the experience gave me the agility to grasp a new industry quickly – it was always a new puzzle to figure out. Then came my capital markets days, more puzzles to solve with larger clients, larger teams and new asset classes.

In the end what brought me back to tax is the constant challenge of solving puzzles and integrating the pieces for my clients. What experience (and age!) have taught me is that I can take a complex problem and break it into smaller simpler pieces; ones that are more manageable for clients and me to tackle together.

ico Did you know?
The word “tax” is from the Latin taxo, meaning “I estimate.”

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